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Tel: 39565301

New Wally Matt Lounge

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Tel: 29571668

Club 97

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Tel: 2810 9333

The most mainstream of the bars and clubs above, Club 97’s prime position in


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Tel: 2811 9488

Opening Hours: 

Tony's Bar

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Tel: 2723 2726

"The main purpose of Tony's bar is offer the gay crowd in Hong Kong and Overs

Volume H.E.A.T.

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Tel: 28577683

Arguably Hong Kong’s hippest gay club, Volume attracts a mix of locals, expat

Explode Bar & Karaoke

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Tel: 2890 8882


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Backyard Bar

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Tel: 6556 3333

6556 3333


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Tel: 2332 6565

T:ME (TIME Bar) is a new gay bar in Hong Kong's SOHO neighborhood.

Volume BEAT

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Tel: 2857 7683


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Tel: 3583 1200

Zoo Bar is on the tasteful side of camp with a cocktail menu featuring Orange

G Point

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Tel: 2892 0993

Boo Bar

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Tel: 2736 6168

Right in the heart of Nathan Road, the only way to start your night.


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Tel: 2868 1316

Possibly the most famous gay club in town, Propaganda elicits mixed reports,


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Tel: 2838 1456

Playground Karaoke

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Tel: 6970 3970


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Tel: 23233393

Déjà Vu

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Tel: 3481 9996

In the middle of Soho, Déjà Vu is the Hong Kong gay bar to hit for after-dinn

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