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From Have a Gay Pic 2013: 《Have a Gay Pic》 是創作團體PrideLab聯同Wesley Studio創作的照相應用程式,希望透過創作藝術以文化抗爭,爭取平權。是此大眾攝影

2013/10/24 - 14:16 - gayfunhk


From Have a Gay Pic 2013:

《Have a Gay Pic》 是創作團體PrideLab聯同Wesley Studio創作的照相應用程式,希望透過創作藝術以文化抗爭,爭取平權。

是此大眾攝影活動,《Have a Gay Pic》 讓用戶在相片中加入原創的文字及圖案,以支持同志的意念。用戶可以拍攝相片,加入自選圖案後上傳相片至活動專頁。用戶亦能儲存相片,並分享至其他社交網站。


"Have a Gay Pic" is an android photo app, jointly created by PrideLab and Wesley Studio. The group is hoping to express the flight for equality in a cultural and artistic way.

In this event, we allows user to put pre-set stamps onto the photos. All stamp visuals and wordings are of original design and carries pro-LGBT message. Users take photos, adding stamps, then upload their final work to the activity's Facebook Fanpage, or save to their phone for publication in other social websites.

We hope to save up over 1,000 photo supporting LGBT rights! No matter who you are, please take your part in this event and show your love and support!